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My hair used to be dry, brittle, and the ends were breaking…

For women, hormones can WRECK your hair.

Menopause, childbirth, and STRESS all mess with your hormones and make it impossible to grow thick, long, healthy hair.

Not to mention, you can start to lose your edges! 

For Alberta, it was menopause... 

She started noticing
- More hair loss/fall out
- Loss of edges
- Stunted hair growth

But Alberta cracked the code that got her edges back and hormones in check!

You know about my Hair Growth System, but when it comes to hormonal hair loss, there’s a secret combo you need to know about…

This combo works by targeting the TWO root causes of hormonal hair loss:
- Imbalanced hormones (Duh!)
- Poor circulation to the scalp

Organic Tea Leaves gives you balance, by nature.

No synthetic hormones here!

Just perfectly proportioned active herbs that support balanced hormone levels.

Women everywhere are using Organic Tea Leaves to get relief from hormonal issue like
- Hot flashes/night sweats
- Hormonal hair loss
- Anxiousness and
- Insomnia

Organic Tea Leaves covers it all!

When taken as directed, most women are seeing hot flashes cool off in as little as 4 days!

With just 3 half-droppers under the tongue first thing each morning and again before bedtime, you can start seeing results.

It's that easy!

As you support your hormones with Organic Tea Leaves, use the Hair Growth Oil to stimulate and nourish your hair.

The active herbs in this oil literally WAKE UP your hair at the root and signal it to start growing.

With it, women are beginning to see their edges fill in, reverse hair loss, and boost shine for a beautiful glossy look. 

“Before, I had no hair under all this, and it’s because I was menopausal. This stuff, really, really, works!“ - Alberta B.

These two products are EVERYTHING for regrowing hair lost from hormonal chaos.

But if you want to see some real magic

Get the complete Hair Growth System!

Stress, menopause, and childbirth take a toll on your body,

That means you need EXTRA nourishment, and you’re not going to get enough from even the healthiest diet.

That’s where Hair Growth Extreme and Renu Silica come in,

→ Hair Growth Extreme is a superfood formula rich in hair growing vitamins and minerals that fill in nutrient gaps. No more stunted hair growth with this formula!

→ While Renu Silica corrects texture and takes dry coarse hair, to silky smooth!

Just take 3 capsules 2X a day and add a spoonful of Renu Silica to your morning coffee or smoothie!

No woman should lack confidence because of hair loss,

especially when it can be reversed!

Try The Hair Growth System + Organic Tea Leaves for yourself and find out what balance can do for your health and beauty!

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