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Liver Transplant PAUSED because numbers are improving!

Phyllis was on the liver transplant list…

She got emotional when she told me how she had been feeling, like she was alive, but not living. Her eyes were yellow, and her skin was jaundiced.

“I was tired all the time
I couldn’t eat, but I wasn’t losing weight
I couldn't even stand the smell of food.
My bowels weren’t working correctly
With the jaundice, my skin was itching.. It was horrible.

June 19th I declared that I was healed! I came and got these products…
Organic Tea Leaves, the Colon Cleanser, and the Detox Tea…”

Phyllis had been on the Detox Tea and Colon Cleanser for years!!

This addressed the symptoms of liver congestion…

But when she found out just how damaged her liver was, she knew it was time to add Organic Tea leaves to her regimen

That's when she began taking 3 half-droppers of the Organic Tea Leaves under her tongue morning and evening.

“I know for a FACT these products work.

I went to the doctor three weeks later, and he didn’t know who I was!!!

He said, “are you Phyllis?”

I said yes!

He said, “are you sure?!”

[They couldn't believe] that I was alive again, my skin was alive! My eyes were whitening and the jaundice was almost completely out of my skin.

My lab scores went from 13.8 to 2.8!

  Lab before Lab before

And [now] I’ve lost 50 pounds, it took 40 days, but I lost 50 pounds!

I’m NOT on the list anymore, it’s pending, and I have to go back every two months to do lab work to be cautious, but I already know it's done! 

So I’m going to be cautious and continue to do my regimen with these three products.”

This is Phyllis’ story, but it could have been ANYONE’S!

If you experience any symptoms of a sluggish liver, like:

  • Feeling tired and fatigued constantly
  • White or yellow-coated tongue and/or bad breath
  • Weight gain – especially around the abdomen
  • Itchy skin
  • Poor metabolism
  • insomnia
  • Cravings and/or blood sugar issues
  • Headaches
  • Poor digestion
  • Feeling nauseous after fatty meals
  • Intolerant to strong smells
  • Pain on the right side of your stomach
  • Skin breakouts; acne, rashes

Your liver is struggling!

Get the natural solution!

Get the Organic Tea Leaves, which contains supportive herbs specific to liver health and function,

the Detox Tea to keep your blood purified,

and the Colon Cleanser to rid your system of accumulated waste and toxic build up.

“I think everyone needs to know about these products because God gives us healing through what the land brings us, and I feel that that’s what happened to me.” - Phyllis

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