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Meet Robin

Robin Anthony, wife of former Houston Astro
& Los Angeles Dodger Eric Anthony, is a
mother of four and the founder of
Robin Anthony’s Renu Herbs.

I have been involved with herbs since I was fifteen. I remember picking fresh peppermint out of the garden when I was in high school and steaming my face with it. I’ve always enjoyed reading books about herbs and the magnificent healing properties they provide. This became personal to me when I started to develop one particular problem.

I suffered with being irregular. It might not sound like much, but as I’ll soon tell you, this seemingly harmless discomfort is the start of many future complications, and not just for me. During my years of studying I realized that many people have problems with elimination and these problems are the very root of sickness and disease.

I realized that if waste cannot be eliminated and builds up in the body (whether from bad eating habits, prescription and over the counter drugs, or other causes) disease begins to develop and bacteria accumulate. Because most Americans do not have regular bowel movements they suffer with symptoms including sickness, weight gain, fatigue and more.

The simple truth that most people don’t know is that if you eat two or three meals a day, you should have two or three bowel movements a day. Anything less is a dysfunction of your digestive system and will eventually lead to major problems.

Robin Anthony
Founder, Renu herbs

The more I learned, the more I knew I needed to share these three, key discoveries:


You don’t have to live with sickness, weight gain or fatigue.


You have a choice to educate yourself and be responsible for your own health!


The time to start feeling better and looking better is NOW!

Cleansing my colon was the first step to better health for me and it can be for you, too.

A flatter stomach

A smoother complexion

To feel and look better than ever before