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Frequently asked questions

VIDEO: How do I take the Detox Trio?

Start with three one half dropper full mixed into an ounce of water on an empty stomach (detox and parasite).

Do this for 3 weeks and rest 1 week. For women, it is best to take the time off when menstruating begins. If you no longer get a menstrual cycle, then pick one week each month to take off.

The colon cleansers are to be taken no more than 3-4 times a week. Start with 2-3 capsules preferably before dinner with a large glass of water and you should eliminate the next morning. By noon, if you see no difference then the next evening take 4-5 with another large glass of water. Continue to increase until you see a difference. If you need more than 6 capsules, then separate them, for example take 4 in the morning and another 3 or 4 in the evening before dinner.

It is important to drink a glass of water every hour so that you do not cramp and to ensure a smooth movement.

How long should I stay on the Detox Trio?

We recommend at least 3-4 months or longer and repeat every other month or when symptoms reappear. You must remember that cleaning and eliminate parasites and their eggs does not happen over night. Be patient and this cleanse will give you the optimum health you have been looking for along with better eating and exercise.

I have a difficult time swallowing pills. Is there another way to the take the colon capsules?

Yes, you can open 2-3 and pour into a cup of hot water and add a little honey and lemon. The next morning if you see no difference then increase to 3-4 or 4-5. If you see that you need more than 5 capsules, then take 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening.

Is there a special diet to follow while on the detox trio?

We recommend avoiding the following:
  • Sugar, even foods that contain corn syrup (this is a hidden danger found in all processed foods)
  • Sodas
  • Sweet drinks
  • Juices, especially processed juices
  • Fried foods, only in moderation, cooked only in olive or coconut oil
  • Corn
  • White flour products such as bread, pasta, pancakes, bagel, cookies, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, etc.
Eat as much as you like of the following:
  • Green fresh veggies
  • Salads
  • Grass fed meat and chicken
  • Nitrate free bacon
  • Organic eggs
  • Fresh fruit
  • Avocado
  • Olives
  • Water, especially alkaline water

What if I have high blood pressure, can I take the trio and drop slim?

I always suggest that you check with your doctor first.

How do I take the Renu Silica if I have high blood pressure?

Check with your doctor first. I recommend that you start with ¼ teaspoon stirred into a glass of water. Make sure to check your pressure a few minutes after drinking. If you pressure is ok, then after a few days you can increase to ½ teaspoon. Continue this process until you reach 1 teaspoon once to twice a day.


Make sure to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day while taking the silica powder. Since this product helps to pulls toxins from your system it may pull too fast and cause a spike in blood pressure due to eliminating toxins too quickly. The water will help to keep your system hydrated and moist. If constipation does occur, then take the colon cleansers and reduce your silica intake to half.

Which products can I take while nursing or pregnant?

None of our detox products can be taken while pregnant or nursing. If your doctor says its okay to take a stool softener, then you can take the colon cleanser once or twice a week. If your baby develops diarrhea then discontinue.

Can children take the detox trio?

If they have extreme itching and symptoms, they can take as young as 3 years old. The drops are according to their age. I.E. A 3 year old would take 3 drops of parasite and 3 drops of detox. They cannot take colon cleanse.

Can kids take colon cleanse?

No one under the age of 12 unless doctors approves for them to take mild laxative.

How do I take the trio if I no longer have a cycle?

Take the whole bottle of parasite and detox. Stay off for a week and then start again. If you do have a cycle, stay off of the trio until your cycle ends.

When do the herbs expire? How long is the detox trio good for?

Colon cleansers good for a year. Trio good up to 3 years as long as stored in a cool dark place.

What can you eat while doing a cleanse?

It is best to eat organic because the animals are injected with hormones which is nothing but synthetic estrogen and chemicals. Eat wild fish, not farm raised. Avoid cheese and anything out of a box/cans. Mainly eat organic fruits and vegetable, lots of water and eliminate all sugar and white flower products (breads, cakes, white flower, etc.) Try to have water as your beverage of choice! Try to walk at least 30 min daily to increase circulation throughout the body.

How do I make the parasite/organic tea leaves taste better?

Taste is really bitter but the only way to kill parasites is through using potent herbs. Parasites love the way sugar tastes, therefore you have to stick with water. I would try squeezing some fresh lemon or fresh orange into the shot glass of water.