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Home > Hair Growth Oil - 100% Pure Organic Herbals ( 4 oz )
Hair Growth Oil - 100% Pure Organic Herbals ( 4 oz )
Hair Growth Oil - 100% Pure Organic Herbals ( 4 oz )

Hair Growth Oil - 100% Pure Organic Herbals ( 4 oz )

Our hair rejuvenation formula provides nutrients that deeply nourish your hair and scalp for a miraculous revival. The plant-based superfoods and essential oils absorb deep to go past their call of duty and deliver healing powers for whole body health. Now that’s holistic beauty care!

GOOD DEAL – 1 Bottle - 4 fl. Oz


BEST DEAL – 2 Bottles - 4 fl. Oz Each


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* Individual results can and will vary. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who use Renu Herbs products.

There are thousands now who have experienced the health breakthroughs.



Are you looking for a holistic approach to beauty? Renu Herbs is ahead of the curve in delivering holistic beauty products that use ingredients to nurture and support whole body health. Reap the nourishing properties of superfoods like alfalfa and precious oils like frankincense as you revive your hair. With the Hair Growth Oil, you can give your body a dose of dense nutrition while achieving the healthy, shiny hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Our nutrient dense Hair Growth Oil is a simple herbal solution that will add inches to your hair, restore color treated or perm damaged hair, and even add thickness and sheen!

Healthy hair starts at the scalp!
A dry scaly scalp can be a sign of psoriasis which can cause irritated skin to become itchy and flaky. Constant itching of your scalp can weaken hair follicles leading to thinning hair or even bald spots. The Hair Growth Oil is a natural hair treatment that provides deep moisture to penetrate scalp for a nourishing, healing effect. As the Hair Growth Oil soothes your scalp, inflamed skin will diminish and hair growth will be restored. The finished product will be your beautiful shiny hair and a clear scalp!

Season changes can also impact the health of our hair. Dry scalp in winter? No problem! The nutrient-dense Hair Growth Formula will protect from harsh weather conditions and act as a natural hair moisturizer to the roots and shaft. Transform dry, brittle hair to the silky-smooth mane you’ve always dreamed of.

Restore Perm damaged or color-treated hair
If your hair has been through the wringer and you’re convinced you can’t get it back, rest assured, there is a solution! We’ve developed the best organic hair products to undo the damage. Perms and dyes leach nutrients from hair and leave it lifeless, brittle, and flat. Breathe life back into your hair and get your bounce back with the deep, nourishing power of the Hair Growth Oil.

Grey Hair Treatment
Defy the laws of aging! Every time you nourish your hair with the Hair Growth Oil you are fighting premature aging. Each use is a grey hair treatment that will fade greys and prevent new ones from showing up. The antioxidant-rich formula can fight the effects of aging while nourishing hair for more body. Now you can reverse grey hair naturally without the use of harmful hair dyes.

Reverse balding naturally!
The proprietary blend in our Hair Growth Formula can prevent premature balding, or alopecia, and even reverse hair loss! Now you can reverse balding naturally by providing your hair with the nutrients it needs to stay strong and full. Stop hiding under hats and wigs! Our natural hair growth products will stimulate new growth for an all-natural bald spot treatment.

Beyond Hair Care
Your skin absorbs what you feed it and transfers it to other organs. This is why whatever goes on your scalp should be just as pure as the foods you put in your body.

Imagine the calming effects of lavender, uplifting scents of peppermint and healing components of frankincense absorbing deep into your scalp to nurture your body from the outside in. Peppermint essential oils have been linked to improved digestion, headache relief and better energy levels while lavender has been known to reduce tension and promote restful sleep.

These are just some examples of the many magical ingredients within the formula that provide benefit beyond hair growth. That is exactly what we mean when we say holistic beauty.


Our proprietary blend uses organic essential oils from Europe specifically formulated to nourish your hair and scalp. The perfect ratios must be met exactly! Some essential oils can be too potent and cause damage. Our blend is well balanced and quality tested to ensure its ratios are kept consistent with each batch we create. Whatever your hair problem may be, the nutrient-dense blend of our Hair Growth Formula can provide you with the hair rejuvenation you’ve been searching for.

This organic hair growth oil will help thicken, lengthen and give luster to your hair while filling in your hairline, reversing alopecia, and addressing grey hairs.


Part hair into 4-6 sections (depending on thickness), and apply oil lightly to scalp.

It may be used up to 4 times a week.

Make sure to sleep in a silk scarf or pillowcase to help prevent hair breakage and shedding.

As a hot oil treatment: apply to scalp, leave on for up to 15 minutes then rinse out.

*Cotton pillowcases add friction to the hair and contribute to breakage. Use a silk pillowcase or scarf at night to prevent further damage and improve hair integrity.

For best results, use in conjunction with the Renu Hair Growth Capsules and The Renu Silica powder.


  • Stimulate new hair growth
  • Increase in hair strength and shine
  • Improved hair texture
  • Correct dry scalp and psoriasis
  • Extend the anagen phase (hair growth phase)
  • Prevent premature hair loss (alopecia)
  • Increase hair thickness
  • Increase blood flow to the scalp

05. FAQ

How do I apply the hair oil and how often do I use it?
You may dab the nozzle directly onto your scalp very lightly. It is good to use the hair growth oil a few times a week.

Do I rinse the hair oil out?
No. The oil should be left in your hair. The oil is very light. It will seep into your scalp. If you put too much oil on your hair it will drip down your neck. If this occurs, you are using too much.

Will the oil weigh my hair down?
If you use it as directed, you should not have any problems. If you want to keep bounce to your hair, use it directly on your scalp instead of the hair shaft. Apply it to the hair and scalp for other styles.

Will this help me with thinning edges?
Yes, apply lightly at night and make sure to sleep in a silk scarf. Make sure to use hair vitamins too.

I have a sensitive scalp. Can I use your hair products? Yes. Many people with sensitive scalps use our hair products with no negative results.

Can I use the products during chemotherapy or radiation treatment to minimize my hair loss?
Definitely! Many customers who are going through the treatment and who have gone through the treatment have reported minimal hair loss. Furthermore, after the treatment was finished their hair grew back beautiful and healthy.

Can I use the Robin Anthony Hair Growth System on chemically treated hair?
Yes, you may. It is formulated for both virgin and chemically treated hair.

Do the products alter my hair color?
No, it does not alter the hair. For people who are prematurely gray due to a mineral deficiency, the hair vitamins replenish the body with the needed minerals. Thus, restoring the hair to its original color. Those are the reports that we have received.

What can I do to thicken my hair?
You may use the basic Hair Growth package, which includes the hair vitamins, hair oil, and silica. This package stimulates hair growth and thickens the hair. It also brings the hair back to its original state according to your genetic make-up.

Many people over the years have experienced hair thinning due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency or a hormonal imbalance. The hair vitamins will take care of that. It helps to balance the hormones. It also helps to replenish the body with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are necessary for proper hair growth.

Does your hair growth system work on balding men?
We’ve had many reports that our hair growth system has regrown the hair of balding men. The main reason that the hair is balding in men is because of a hormonal imbalance. Our products correct that problem. Also, many men have blocked pores and our shampoo, conditioner, and oil help to remove the blockage in the pores and stimulates hair growth.

Since my hair is growing faster will I experience some itching?
A small percentage of people experience itching on their scalp. The reason the hair is itching is because the circulation in their scalp is very minimal. The shampoo and conditioner also increase circulation to the scalp and brings oxygen to the follicles. This circulation sometimes creates a little itching. However, after the scalp gets used to the circulation the itching will subside.

Can I use the system on my children?
Yes. Many people use our hair products on their little ones.

I have a really itchy scalp, will this help?
Absolutely! Many have reported seeing results within the first week.

Does your system help with alopecia?
Yes. Many of those customers have reported hair growth and are very satisfied. They have reported that their hair has grown back





Cayenne Pepper


Jojoba Oil

Olive Oil

Peppermint Oil


White Willow

Lavender Oil

Pine Essential Oil

"My daughter can smile again!"

Before using Renu Herbs Hair Growth Oil, my daughter had been dealing with dry scalp issues. Since elementary school she would get flaky skin on her scalp and throughout her hair where it would then fall on her clothes throughout the day. I was embarrassed as a parent because it looked like I wasn’t addressing the situation. I would brush it out but the next day it was back. I tried prescriptions, specialty shampoos and creams but nothing worked. One day I saw the Hair Growth Oil on the Renu Herbs website and decided to try it. I immediately knew this product was a game changer. Within one day we noticed a difference. Her scalp looked healthy and her hair had a glow. It was a look we had never seen before. Her hair has grown longer & healthier but more importantly her scalp looks amazing! We are both grateful to Renu Herbs for their products, but I am even more grateful to see my daughter’s smile again. The Hair Growth Oil has helped her self-esteem so much. Renu Herbs, thank you!

Happy mom

"Mommy, My hair won't grow..."

Taylor was frustrated because her hair wasn’t as long and beautiful as the other girls’ hair was at school. Her mom tried everything she knew to do. Nothing seemed to work. Taylor continued asking for help from her mom, but her mother had just about thrown in the towel.

That’s when her mother discovered the Renu Hair Growth Solution. In just a few short weeks, after religiously following her regimen, Taylor’s hair grew so much, her mother stopped using the products!

Now, her hair is long, beautiful and Taylor feels pretty now.

Taylor’s hair growth problem is gone!

Taylor's mom

"Before using the Hair Growth Oil, my scalp was always dry, itchy and flaky."

After ONLY 3 days OF APPLYING THE oil the itching stopped. I had a thinning area at the top and by the time I finished the bottle the spot had started to fill in. WOW! I am constantly getting compliments on how full, healthy and shiny my hair is. I now have to go to the barber every 10 days because my hair is growing so FAST!!

Bobby R.

"This Oil is The Truth!"

This oil is a hit and I've only been using it with the hair vitamins for 6 weeks! I cannot be without it, it works! And, by the way, I am 78 years of age and my hair is still growing! Thank you Renu Herbs!

Jo P.

"Now Shayla likes to shake her hair around!"

My daughter Shayla has always had thick, beautiful hair but it never grew long the way she wished. She would tell me she wished her hair was long like mine (I have since cut my hair).

I trust Renu Herbs, so I ordered the Hair Growth Oil to see what it could do. Let me tell you, it has worked wonders on her hair!

I applied the oil every morning, even when her hair was tightly braided. If she didn't have braids in, I would comb it through her hair. It turned out to be a great detangler.

Within a few months of using just the hair oil, there was a noticeable difference in growth and strength. Now Shayla loves to shake her hair around! After seeing her results, we started using the Hair Oil on my son’s hair. My son's twists have now grown past his shoulders. People keep asking what I’m doing to help my kids’ hair grow.

Another product that has really helped Shayla was the Seaweed soap. It has greatly reduced the appearance of her eczema. Thanks for everything Renu Herbs!

Shayla's Mom

"Keeping my hair shiny, glossy and healthy!"

The silica helps to keep my hair shiny, glossy and healthy. Due to highlighting it can cause damage but not for me. Thanks to my blend of hair vitamins and oil along with the silica!

Robin Anthony

"My eyebrows are now so Bushy!"

I have been using the hair oil on my eyebrows daily just to see what would happen and boy has it helped to thicken my brows and made them Bushy LOL! I believe the combination with the hair vitamins have also sped up the thickness, too! I'm stopped all the time with ongoing compliments on how thick they are!

"My hair hasn't been this long in over 50 years!"

I ordered the Hair Growth Capsules and 2 bottles of the Hair Growth Oil. I turned 65 yr old this summer and my hair hasn’t been this long since elementary school 50+ years ago. Thx you so much for developing such an amazing product!

Charmaine G.

"So many compliments!"

My hair has grown so much! I keep my hair natural and it's still so easy to handle.  Currently, I have it braided, but I've used your hair growth oil with the pills and everyone complimented me on the silky look. My sister also ordered.  Her hair was already well past her shoulders, but it's down her back now!

– Mia 

“My thinning and hair loss came from my sew-in weave and not being able to go to my salon for my follow-up appointments.”

I had to keep my weave in longer than I was supposed to, which caused damage and thinning to my hair! I also have major itching and sweating in my scalp! 

My hair is now filling in, with lots of new growth at the roots. I love the fact that my hair is growing from only using 1 bottle (3 capsules a day, twice a day!). I even noticed new growth areas that never used to grow before.

-Sharon J.

Renu Herbs Guarantee
Renu Herbs Guarantee

I want to help you achieve the results you want and deserve. That's why, at Renu Herbs, I give a no-questions-asked, 100 percent money-back guarantee. I want you to try our Renu Herbs products. If you are not completely satisfied with your results, you can return the unused portion and you will receive a full refund of your purchase price. No strings attached!

Hair Growth Oil - 100% Pure Organic Herbals ( 4 oz )

Our hair rejuvenation formula provides nutrients that deeply nourish your hair and scalp for a miraculous revival. The plant-based superfoods and essential oils absorb deep to go past their call of duty and deliver healing powers for whole body health. Now that’s holistic beauty care!

GOOD DEAL – 1 Bottle - 4 fl. Oz


BEST DEAL – 2 Bottles - 4 fl. Oz Each


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* Individual results can and will vary. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who use Renu Herbs products.