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Detox Trio Program - 30 or 90 Day Supply
Detox Trio Program - 30 or 90 Day Supply

Detox Trio Program - 30 or 90 Day Supply

The Detox Trio is our best-selling whole-body cleanse. An all-natural three-step program designed to cleanse your body from parasites and their harmful symptoms. The Trio includes the Parasite Killer, the Detox Tea, and the Colon Cleanse which all work together to cleanse and heal your whole-body from the inside out.

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* Individual results can and will vary. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who use Renu Herbs products.



If you have any or all of these three parasite symptoms…

  1. Serious sugar cravings
  2. Itching in your arms, back, legs, and anus, especially at night
  3. You’re tired all the time, even after a good night’s sleep

There is a 90% chance you are carrying toxic parasites in your system. Other symptoms of parasites include:

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • You can’t lose weight
  • Craving alcohol
  • Watery eyes
  • Constipation
  • Flabby mid-section
  • Unable to recall events
  • Memory lapse
  • Itching throughout your body, especially at night
  • Feeling something crawling in your body

The Detox Trio will remove parasites and their eggs from your system and heal your body from the inside out.


The Detox Trio whole-body cleanse is a three-part system specifically designed to work together to cleanse your body from parasites, toxin overload, intestinal plaque buildup and reduce levels of yeast.

The Parasite Blend:
The Parasite Blend contains more than nine organic ingredients that attack and kill the parasites living in your body along with their harmful eggs.

The Detox Tea:
Once the Parasite Blend successfully destroys the parasites and their eggs, there is another release of toxins that go into the bloodstream. Parasites urinate and drop toxic waste throughout the body. The build-up of these toxins causes many of the symptoms you are experiencing due to the fact that parasite urine is practically pure ammonia. This results in stress on your kidneys, liver and immune system. The Detox Tea is vital in cleaning up this unhealthy residue.

The Colon Cleanse:
The Colon Cleanse is proven to gently release toxins from your system. Once the Parasite Blend and Detox Tea have done their jobs, you’ll have dead parasites and their thousands of eggs in your digestive tract. These capsules will enable you to flush out the toxic waste trapped in your system.

This is critical to completely eliminating the harmful effects of parasites. If your bowel movements are not regular, parasite bodies and their waste matter will remain in your digestive tract and may result in headaches or chronic fatigue.


Parasite formula: Mix 3 half-droppers full into 1 ounce of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for 7 days. Week 2: Same routine in the morning, plus repeat before or after dinner. Do this for 3 weeks, then take one week off. Continue for at least 4 bottles then repeat every 3-4 months or until symptoms disappear. For children 5 and older: Use 1 drop for each year of the child’s age mixed into 1 ounce of water in the morning. For example, a 7-year-old would get 7 drops. Continue until the bottle is used up. An easy way to measure 1 ounce of water is by using a shot glass. If you are also using the Detox Tea, you can take them together in the same shot glass.

Detox Tea: Mix 3 half-droppers full into 1 ounce of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
Use for 3 weeks then take one week off. (Ladies, your week off should be the week of your cycle.) For best results continue for 3-4 months or until symptoms are gone. An easy way to measure 1 ounce of water is by using a shot glass. If you are also using the Parasite Tincture, you can mix them together in the same shot glass.

Colon Cleanse: Start with 3 capsules before or after dinner with a large glass of water. If you don’t see an increase in your bowel movements by the next day increase by one capsule. Do this until you find your ideal dosage. Most customers require anywhere from 2-7 capsules per dosage.This product is not intended for daily use. Most people see their desired results when taken 3 to 5 times a week. If you are already pretty regular (going 2-3 times a day) then only take this product once a week.
To prevent cramping make sure to drink at least six glasses of water a day.



  • Lose weight
  • Have a flatter stomach
  • Enjoy energy and vitality
  • Reduce or eliminate painful periods
  • Feel happy and more relaxed
  • Revitalize your complexion and have younger, smoother, and more radiant skin.

05. FAQ

How long should I stay on the Detox Trio?
We recommend at least 3-4 months or longer and repeat every other month or when symptoms reappear. You must remember that cleaning and eliminating parasites and their eggs does not happen overnight. Be patient and this cleanse will give you the optimum health you have been looking for along with better eating and exercise.

Is there a special diet to follow on the Detox Trio?
We recommend avoiding the following:

  • Sugar, even foods that contain corn syrup (this is a hidden danger found in all processed foods) Sodas
  • Sweet drinks
  • Juices, especially processed juices
  • Fried foods
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • White flour products such as bread, pasta, pancakes, bagel, cookies, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, etc.

Eat as much as you like of the following:

  • Green fresh veggies
  • Salads
  • Grass-fed meat and chicken
  • Wild fish, especially salmon
  • Organic eggs
  • Fresh fruit
  • Avocado
  • Water, especially alkaline water

What if I have high blood pressure, can I take the Detox Trio?
We always suggest that you check with your doctor first. Most customers feel better and have more energy when they take the Detox Trio.

How do I take the Detox Trio
Start with three one half dropper full mixed into an ounce of water on an empty stomach (detox and parasite).

Do this for 3 weeks and rest for 1 week. For women, it is best to take the time off when menstruating begins. If you no longer get a menstrual cycle, then pick one week each month to take off.

The colon cleansers are to be taken no more than 3-4 times a week. Start with 2-3 capsules preferably before dinner with a large glass of water and you should eliminate the next morning. By noon, if you see no difference then the next evening, take 4-5 with another large glass of water. Continue to increase until you see a difference. If you need more than 6 capsules, then separate them, for example, take 4 in the morning and another 3 or 4 in the evening before dinner.

It is important to drink a glass of water every hour so that you do not cramp and to ensure a smooth movement.


Black Walnut Hull



Pau d'Arco


Cramp Bark



Olive Leaf


Sheep Sorrel

Cascara Sagrada

Senna Pods

Psyllium Seeds

Slippery Elm




Distilled Water

50% Organic Alcohol

There are thousands now who have experienced the health breakthroughs.
The World Renowned Gospel Artist Sings Praise For The Detox Trio!

I have tried many different natural cleansing products. I believe in keeping my internal house of the Lord clean. After many trials and errors, I’m so thankful to have found Robin Anthony and her Renu Herbs Detox Trio. I trust Robin and I know the herbs she uses are chemical-free and safe. That’s important to me as a consumer and as a mom. The Detox Trio is impeccable! I have never experienced any cramping or bloating with the Trio. Bottom line: it works! My skin is clear… my stomach is flat… and people can’t believe my age! Yeah! I applaud Robin Anthony for listening to God’s voice, following her heart and wanting to help the world!

Yolanda Adams

The Yolanda Adams Morning Show Renown Gospel Artist

Carmen Took Drop Slim Plus and Detox Trio to get these amazing results!

I dropped so much weight, it’s going to be the rebirth of Carmen. I was wearing an 18, 19, and 20. Now I’m down to a size 6! I was eating crazy and now my appetite is totally controlled. I finally feel confident and sexy again. My new body is proof that this herbal blend works…it’s my own little miracle pill. I am a totally new person, both in mind and body.

Carmen Contreras

Houstons Voice

“I’ve Now Lost Over 180 Pounds!”

I sat on the couch and ate myself to 575 pounds. I was very depressed, had no energy and no desire to do anything.When I moved I could hardly breathe because I was morbidly obese. Everything was a struggle for me to do.On New Year’s Eve I went to Texas to visit my mother for six weeks. I went to her church to bring in the New Year and asked God to help me lose weight.About a week later, my mother took me to Renu Herbs’ store in Houston.

It was recommended I start with Detox Trio. I did the Program for about three months. Then, I felt I had detoxed so I decided to maintain what I had done, and eliminate food and sugar cravings.

That’s when I switched to just Drop Slim Plus and the Colon Cleansers.

I have been taking them for the last seven months and I feel great! I have all the energy in the world!

I started the New Year out at 575 pounds. I’ve lost 105 pounds. My current weight today is 470 pounds. My long-term goal is to be a solid 300 pounds.

Thank you God, thank you Robin Anthony and thank you Mama!

Update: I’m now down 180 Pounds!

– Jermaine Mack Sr

“I’ve lost four inches in the belly area, and I feel amazing.”

I want to thank you, Robin! I’ve been using the detox trio for about three weeks, and the changes are astounding! I’ve lost four inches in the belly area, and I feel amazing.

I'm a chiropractor and have always recommended your products to my patients. This time, it is different because I am a walking testimony that your products work! Thank you for your persistent efforts to make the world healthy.

– Dr. Kimberley Smalls

"No longer have to scratch husband's back at night!"

Before starting the Detox Trio, my husband would have this nagging itch in his back at night. I was constantly scratching for him. So, I started on us on the Detox Trio and ordered an extra bottle of just the Parasite Blend. The itching is gone and I can now go to sleep! 

We are forever Grateful for the Detox Trio. 

keep up the good work! 

Thank you, Robin, for these amazing products, God Bless you.


"Suppressed all of my sugar cravings"

I was nervous. It didn’t taste great, but my sugar cravings went away quickly. It was amazing! I started losing weight that I didn’t think could come off! Everyone said my skin was brighter with a glow. Plus, my pants started to fall off. I was finally losing weight! It was great, I felt great. I went from 210lbs to 160lbs.

-Mia R

"Parasite Blend saved my Marriage!"


I recently got the detox trio…. My husband and I completed 2 rounds of the trio but we continued to just use the parasite cleanse on its own. 

Robin, I have to tell you something; my husband was drinking so much I was concerned for our marriage….
It got to the point where he was drinking daily and it was starting to destroy the marriage.

So, I prayed about it and I decided I was going to let him continue to take the parasite cleanse on its own because I remember you talking about how parasites make you crave sugar and alcohol in your emails.

Lo and behold… One day out of nowhere my husband no longer craved alcohol.

Robin, I’m in tears right now.

My husband no longer craves alcohol!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for The Detox Trio, thank you for the Parasite Formula, I thank you for taking care of us the way that you do.

God bless you, and God bless your Hands.

Happy Wife, Houston Texas

PS Please feel free to share my story with others

“I was a walking time bomb”

I suffered from many illnesses including high blood pressure. Plus I weighed 245 pounds. After taking your amazing products, my blood pressure is now 126/86 and I’ve lost over 40 pounds! I finally found something I can stay committed to. Thanks to God and you, Robin!

-Dewanna Richard

“Thank you so much for this…”

Robin, I heard about Detox Trio on the Yolonda Adams Show but was skeptical. I convinced my mother to get it first. Although I live in Detroit, I am from Mississippi and I did not wear shoes. I had gained about 120 lbs. Tired all the time. Work a full time job. Married to a minister and musician so always at church and I am raising my 8 year old nephew that I picked up for the weekend 7 years ago.

The parasite talk made me order the product. In December I woke to a burning pain between my nose and head. I bled from my nose, mouth and eyes for about 7 days. The only cause doctors could tell was my blood pressure was extremely high. I had to do something.

Fast forward: I had a doctor’s appointment today. I was completely out of blood pressure medicine. “142 over 69” said the nurse.

“What did you say?” I asked. “142 over 69,” in December, my pressure was so high, I bled from my nose, mouth and eyes for about 5 days.

I have taken 2-3 pills a day since I was 14 years of age.

I am 43 now and regardless of what I took the arm cup would always have to be pumped up to 200 and over.
They would always have to use a plus size cup also. Today, a regular size cup was used and it was not pumped pass 180. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have I had it this low.

The only thing I have been doing differently was the Detox Trio and I have only been on it for about 2-3 weeks.
Thank you so much for this.

– Ms. D. Paul

"My sister has seen results too!"

My sister used to get boils; I mean huge boils!  She had to go to the doctor to have them surgically removed, cut, patched, but no real solution. I told her to try your detox.

 My sister has not had boils in quite a while now. Initially she did not stick with the detox... But she seems to be consistent now and does not get the boils anymore. I know this is the best thing that has happened to her! 

 These products are the real deal! I tell everyone about them!

This stuff does work, and I’m so grateful!

-Mia R

“Doctor urges patient to continue using Detox Trio!”

I’ve been taking my wife to specialists for years. She had serious sensitivity to light, so she wore sunglasses at home. She also suffered from severe migraines.

Even with all these doctors and specialists, they couldn’t figure out what my wife suffered from.
Luckily, one day, I saw an article in a magazine about Renu Herbs. I researched more and decided to give Detox Trio a try.

The experience was shocking! First parasites that looked like little worms curled up, started coming from my wife’s mouth. Then they started coming from her nose, eyes and ears. Then, they started getting vicious by coming at night just as the sun would go down. She had such anxiety on what would happen next. Then, little white, tiny, hair-like parasites would come out of her back. They were in her shirt. We disturbed a monster inside and we didn’t know what the outcome would be. Then we started seeing longer, hair-like black ones coming out.

I was worried about my wife and I knew she was nervous. I am glad we found your treatment because we had to get this out of her. She can tell you more but suffice it to say, this last 10 days have been a scary journey in the unknown.
She has been passing and removing them nightly until last night, which was the first time she really got to sleep.

As passing parasites subsided, her eyes stopped being so sensitive. We went to see her doctor. We told her about the experience with parasites and Detox Trio.

Her doctor, after looking at Detox Trio, urged her to continue using Renu Herbs’ Detox Trio.

Thank you Robin and Renu Herbs, thank you Detox Trio for saving us thousands of dollars in medical bills and restoring my wife’s health!


“I didn’t fill my prescription. It was the Detox Trio!”

The last time I went to my doctor was in June, and I was using the Detox Trio. My A1 test was good, and my liver enzyme was normal, which was exciting news to hear since I was previously having problems.

My doctor thought it was the new medication he had prescribed me, but I told him I never filled the prescription filled nor was I taking my current meds, instead I was doing the Detox Trio.

I have placed a second order, for the Detox Trio, and I have referred several of my co-workers!

-Luevern Ellerson

“My cravings for unhealthy sweets and junk food have significantly reduced.″

After starting the Detox Trio, my cravings for unhealthy sweets and junk food have significantly reduced. I am eating more vegetables and fruit, and overall healthy nutritious whole foods. I feel energized, less tired, I feel great! I have started doing weight training and exercise at a minimum of four times a week. In just one month, my body is starting to transform in a more muscle toned form, I have loss weight, and my clothes fit so much better now. I’m going to continue take the Detox Trio on a regular basis. I love how I look and how I feel and I want to keep up the good work! Thank you Robin for these amazing products, God Bless you.


"I was suffering from severe migraines"

Before using Renu Herbs, I didn’t think I could lose much weight. I was 210lb, suffered from severe migraines, and craved sugar constantlyI would eat spoonfuls! I decided to try the colon cleanse. I started feeling better, but after using it for a few weeks I decide to take a break and try the detox trio.

-Mia R

"I feel so much better!"

When I stopped taking the Detox Trio, I noticed I went back to my old cravings, like those peppermint patties! I had a challenging week, but after talking to my customer service agents with questions, I feel so much better! And, the mere fact that Robin Anthony called me as well, was beyond the call of the superior customer service agents. That is rare nowadays!

-Sharon J.

“I heard about your products on the radio [Yolanda Adams show] and decided to try the Detox Trio. I am grateful I did!”

I really wanted my mom to try the Detox Trio because her blood sugar numbers would fluctuate and the doctors would up her insulin intake. For the first two weeks, she took the Detox Trio faithfully and changed her eating habits [she was eating lots of high sugar foods]. She noticed that her pants were getting loose on her. Three weeks later, she had a doctor's appointment and they told her that she lost 7 pounds and her numbers were improving! Well, she continues to take the Detox Trio because we were so happy that things were starting to look better. She takes it faithfully according to the directions on the bottle and continues to improve her eating habits. We’ve now added in the Organic Tea Leaves and the alkaline water (or what my grandson calls miracle water). We are so happy with the success of these products!


Hi Robin - First I want to say my God continue to richly bless you!!

And second I want to give my testimonial for your Parasite formula.

A month or so ago, I had these bumps appear first on the back of my hands and then they slowly started appearing all over my forearms, thighs and shoulders. I went to the doctor to see what was going on. I thought it might be an allergic reaction to something I ate but it didn’t present as typical hives. Well anyway they didn’t know what it was. I asked them to prescribe a course of steroids which I took over 10 days and it didn’t help. The bumps were still there.

Then God prompted me to think deeper and I recalled I saw a quarter sized rash on my lower leg, but at the time I had just ignored it. Then I thought maybe it’s a parasite and then I remembered that I had ordered that before from years ago and decided to give it a try.

Well as they say...a picture is with a thousand words!!!

- Faith James

I can’t remember the last time I had psoriasis!

Thank you so much for today's email.  I didn't even realize that it was your products that have helped me with my psoriasis.  
What's crazy is that I just learned in my 40's that I was diagnosed with psoriasis as a child.  For years I have tried so many products for help with what I thought was just dandruff.  Until I was having a conversation with my mom, and asking what did she use to help my dandruff problem when I was a kid.  She said, “you don't have dandruff; you were diagnosed with psoriasis years ago”.  Lol... Thanks, mom!

I have used your Detox Trio and Organic Tea Leaves.  Not consistently because it's expensive, but your products definitely help with my psoriasis, even though it took me a while to realize it.  So, thank you Robin for always being such a blessing to me and my health.

- Michelle

Headaches NO MORE!

The Detox Trio has really helped to eliminate my sugar cravings as well, which probably paid a part in the migraines.  Weight is still at 166lbs down from 205ish.  I'm so thankful! I also convinced my sister to take it. She doesn’t take it as often as I do but she no longer has the bumps on her skin and said it’s because of the detox! Thank you so much for all of your help, I truly appreciate it. My family and I are so grateful!

– Mia 

Boils gone and weight is dropping!

My sister, when she first started using your Detox Trio, lost 10 pounds within a few days (4-5 days I believe). She also does not have any boils appearing on her body anymore. She is very excited that she finally found something that’s working. My husband is doing the Detox as well slowly, but surely his appetite has gone down and the weight is falling off too.

– Cathy 

Renu Herbs Guarantee
Renu Herbs Guarantee

I want to help you achieve the results you want and deserve. That's why, at Renu Herbs, I give a no-questions-asked, 100 percent money-back guarantee. I want you to try our Renu Herbs products. If you are not completely satisfied with your results, you can return the unused portion and you will receive a full refund of your purchase price. No strings attached!

Detox Trio Program - 30 or 90 Day Supply

The Detox Trio is our best-selling whole-body cleanse. An all-natural three-step program designed to cleanse your body from parasites and their harmful symptoms. The Trio includes the Parasite Killer, the Detox Tea, and the Colon Cleanse which all work together to cleanse and heal your whole-body from the inside out.

BEST DEAL – 90 Day Supply


GOOD DEAL – 30 Day Supply


or 4 installments of $63.21 USD by More info

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* Individual results can and will vary. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who use Renu Herbs products.