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Lose Ten Pounds in a Week and Keep it Off

Desperate to lose weight? We’ve all had our sticking points, but if you’re sick of seeing the same number on the scale, then you’ve come to the right place.

Maybe a wedding is coming up, or a high school reunion. Or, maybe you’re stuck in quarantine and want to take advantage of your free time. Find your reason and hold on tight, because I’m going to cover 3 hacks that will help you lose 10 pounds in a week and keep it off.  

Is it realistic to try to lose 10 pounds in a week? 

Setting realistic goals is the secret to success. Too big, and you’ll likely become frustrated and throw in the towel. Too small, and you won’t push yourself enough to see any profound results. The trick is setting an attainable goal that you know you can reach, and then pushing it just a little outside your comfort zone. 

Generally speaking, those who weigh more typically lose weight faster, at least at first. This is because it takes more energy for them to perform the same tasks as someone with a lower BMI. As a result, the person with the higher BMI will burn calories faster. 

Still, it’s very possible for most people to lose 10 pounds in a week. Some people might just have to add a little extra effort. At the end of the week it comes down to maintaining the lifestyle changes, so you can continue progressing and keep the weight from returning.

This one-week challenge should not intimidate, or discourage you. If you only lose 4 pounds instead of 10, that’s still 4 pounds you would not have otherwise lost! This one week should be used as a jump start for creating your new lifestyle. So, don’t treat it as if it’s your only chance.

Lose 10 Pounds

Hack 1: Weight-Loss Jump Start 

Fast track your weight-loss journey by ridding yourself of harmful toxins. Did you know the average person houses over 10 pounds worth of toxins? No matter how much exercise you do you will hold on to this excess weight if you are not regular. If you are eating more frequently than you are eliminating, then toxins are building up in your system. This can lead to bloating and other uncomfortable symptoms. Flushing these toxins safely and efficiently is a healthy way to jump start your weight-loss journey. A good colon cleanse can reset your system and improve your energy levels - energy you can use towards a more active lifestyle 

While you can lose 10 pounds from a cleanse alone (depending on your toxicity level), this should not be the end of your weight-loss journey. Over time, some of this weight will return at which point you can perform another cleanse. 

Despite the incredible benefits, a cleanse on its own is not enough to maintain a healthy body. After all, it’s not like the weight you lose from a cleanse is pure fat-wouldn’t that be nice?

Instead, look at a cleanse for what it is: A reset button. This will give you a fresh start; a blank page that can encourage you to make better health choices moving forward. 

Your Tool Box

If you aren’t sure where to start, check out this three-part detox system that targets yeast and kills parasites while it cleanses. You can incorporate saunas, hot yoga, or juicing, but a colon cleanse is the best way to clean your pipes. To maintain a healthy weight, you can complete a few cleanses throughout the year.

Hack 2: Tweaks and Tracking

Weight loss is an initiation phase to a whole new lifestyle. Why do all the work to lose weight if you’re just going to gain it all back? Little tweaks to diet and activity level can help you transition into a healthier lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed. 

Working out 5 days a week may sound daunting if you’re not an avid gym goer, so keep it simple. Riding a stationary bike for 15 minutes or taking a walk around your neighborhood is a good place to start. The important thing is to focus on consistency, not intensity.

Of course, if you’ve been pretty active for a while and you’re stuck at a plateau, you might have to step it up a notch. More vigorous workouts like high intensity interval training (HIIT) have been proven to help shed stubborn fat. However, if you’re one to get stuck at plateaus, you might simply be dealing with a toxic colon. To correct the issue, revisit hack #1.
Diet changes are also very important. I’m a huge advocate for following a well-balanced whole-food diet. This means limiting processed foods, simple sugars, and empty calories. Instead, focus on dense nutrition. 

Lose 10 Pounds

Your Tool Box

Tracking your progress amplifies your chances for success. For logging your meals and tracking calories, you can download free apps like Loseit or MyFitnessPal. These can help you to review your meals and be more mindful of how you spend your daily allotted calories. 

I suggest food prepping for the week to ensure you are hitting your calorie goals. Plus, having meals on hand reduce the chances that you will make impulsive choices when you get hungry.

Hack 3: Keep up the Good Energy

Burnout is a real hurdle that even the most seasoned athletes face. These feelings of exhaustion can make or break you when shooting for your weight-loss goals. That’s why it’s important to address the issue as soon as you notice a shift. If you feel more tired than usual, or disinterested in your workouts, you may need a little lift. 

Dips in energy levels can impact you’re eating habits and have you reaching for sugary foods for a quick boost. However, if you’re able to maintain sustainable energy throughout the day and keep your appetite under wraps, you won’t be easily tempted.  Using a supplement that supports energy and appetite control can help reignite the flame. This plant-based supplement  helps to curb hunger, provide all-day energy, and speed up your metabolism allowing you to shed more pounds. So, you can keep chasing after your goals.

Your Tool Box

If your main concern is low energy, then the Drop Slim Plus formula will benefit you most. You can count on the sustainable energy to last throughout the day with a moderate appetite suppressant. If your weakness is your constant hunger pangs, you might benefit more from the Drop Slim Extreme formula. This blend provides similar energy support while delivering more potent appetite control. By using supporting organic supplements like Drop Slim Plus or Drop Slim Extreme you can dominate your weight loss goals. By using one of these formulas it's likely you could even lose another 10 pounds. 

Final Tips: 

Switch it Up

Sometimes the desire to keep going gets thrown out the window. Maybe you follow your plan for a while, but begin to lose motivation. Before you know it, you’re back to your old habits, losing any progress you may have made. One way to stay motivated for the long haul is to constantly modify your routine. Try broadening your meal plan to include a larger variety of recipes, or switching up your workouts so you don’t get bored. 

Get your friends involved! 

A solid support system improves a person’s chance for success. It's by no means impossible to take on challenges like this alone, but having someone to keep you accountable will do wonders. Get your partner, co-workers, or friends to take on a biggest loser challenge with you. Sometimes a little friendly competition is exactly what you need for motivation.

If you need more help getting inspired, click here to read some inspiring weight loss success stories. 

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