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Lungs restored after drinking Brazilian Loose Leaf Tea!

Pastor Sanders was struggling with wheezing that had been going on for over a year from bronchitis.

So, the Pastor started drinking Brazilian Tea.

Within just a few days, the wheezing had stopped, and he was able to breathe more deeply and freely!

I've only been on [Brazilian Tea] for 5 days, one cup in the mornings. I have noticed I'm not wheezing anymore. I have been suffering from bronchitis since July of 21 and nothing seemed to help with my wheezing until I started drinking this tea my wife has been giving me.” - Pastor Sanders

I'm amazed because I always recommend 3-4 cups of Brazilian Loose Leaf Tea a day to see the health benefits, but the pastor was able to see results after just 1 cup in the mornings.

Now he's super excited to see what benefits he will notice by drinking another 3 cups throughout the day!

This is a breakthrough!

Studies are suggesting that your lung health is directly tied to your immune system.

Your lungs detox airborne toxins and viruses when you’re breathing deep, healthy breaths.

But with bronchitis, influenza, and even stress, you tend to breathe more shallow breaths which don’t allow for the toxins in your lungs to be fully expelled.

This puts you at higher risk of chronic illness.

But Brazilian Loose Leaf Tea lowers inflammation, fights viruses, helps fight bacterial infections, and supplies rich antioxidants that boost your lungs' health, and your immunity.

So caring for your lungs means caring for your body’s total health.

It gets better…

Brazilian Loose Leaf Tea has such powerful active antioxidants that some studies even suggest it might be able to play a role in combating cancer!

Brazilian Loose Leaf Tea is an excellent addition to your immune supporting protocol.

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