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Holistic Beauty Care vs “Natural” Beauty Care

Natural beauty care has been HOT on the market for some time now. Unfortunately, “natural” is one of those buzz words that has been thrown around so much that it has lost its meaning. 

The truth is, ‘natural’ can mean anything. 

After all, arsenic is natural, but it’s certainly not healthy. 

When it comes to beauty care, you want to be sure that the products you are using are beyond natural. That’s why holistic beauty care is so important.

 What is holistic beauty care?

First and foremost, ‘holistic’ refers to the body as a whole. Holistic health does two things:

  1. Acknowledges that all body systems are interconnected. 
  2. Addresses root causes instead of quick fixes.

By adopting holistic beauty care habits, you will also be supporting health to your body in its entirety.  

More plainly stated, holistic beauty acknowledges that beauty is more than skin deep. There couldn’t be a more literal way in saying that. 

If you broke your arm you wouldn’t only tend to the injury you could see right? Right! You would have the actual bone corrected and splinted so that it could heal properly. Don’t you think the same mindset should be held for all areas of health?

Natural nail care vs holistic nail care

You can use a nail polish that claims it strengthens nails to grow them longer without them breaking. Maybe that nail polish even has vitamin E in it so they can claim it’s a more natural option. Unfortunately, most nail polishes are heavy laden with other chemicals and mysterious toxins like formaldehyde. Vitamin E infused or not, you can’t counteract these ingredients.

You can go the holistic route and take a supplement like Renu Silica that addresses a common mineral deficiency. Silica is a mineral that’s been found rich in our nails and hair. A deficiency in silica often leads to the breaking and chipping of nails. It only makes sense that in addressing the root cause of breakage, a person would see improvements.  

That’s not the only thing that makes silica a more holistic approach. After all, we said holistic referred to whole body health. We classify silica as a holistic beauty care product because as it strengthens nails it also supplies the body with a mineral that can aid in other areas including hair, skin, joints, and even digestion. 

This may seem less effective because it’s not topically applied like a nail polish and results are not as immediate. However, the nail polish approach is more of a band-aid that requires consistent ‘rebandaging’. Supplements like silica, on the other hand, address the root of the problem and correct it. Not only is this a much more efficient way to improve nail health, it supports whole body health as well.

Natura Beauty

Natural hair care vs holistic hair care

Hair integrity is an important topic for men and women alike. As a result, many natural shampoos and conditioners are available that omit harmful ingredients like parabens, phytates, and sulfates. Using natural products free of these harmful ingredients is extremely important for your hair as well as your body. Still, when it comes to promoting actual hair growth or increasing volume, these options fall short.

When it comes to addressing hair health holistically (say that ten times fast) there are a few things to consider. It can be tricky to figure out what’s causing hair fall out. Luckily, a holistic approach to beauty can thwart multiple root causes at once. For instance, limp lifeless hair can often be a sign of a poorly functioning thyroid or nutrient deficiency. In either of these cases, providing supporting nutrients through supplementation could be a simple solution for poor hair health.

Supplements that contain kelp are excellent for improving thyroid function and can, in turn, support healthy hair. This could be a simple way of combating premature balding or excessive fall out. 

The omegas in kelp provide even more benefit to reduce inflammation so hair can grow longer and stronger. After all, conditions of the scalp like psoriasis or eczema are often rooted from inflammation. Try Renu Herbs Hair Growth Oil.

Other superfoods like alfalfa, provide a rich source of vitamins and minerals that blanket several deficiencies. If alfalfa sprouts aren’t a food you consume regularly, hair growth capsules like these make an easy alternative.

For topical application, hair oils that contain pure ingredients also provide relief from dry flaky skin as they moisturize. Essential oils used in Renu Herbs Hair Growth Oil are specifically blended to promote hair growth, scalp health, and even fade greys. These oils also deliver soothing properties that can reduce stress and alleviate headache. Just another bonus to addressing concerns holistically. 

Unlike the temporary effects of the shampoos and conditioners, holistic hair care focuses more on hair growth and strength. Ingredients in shampoos that promise shine actually end up stripping the hair even more of its natural oils. As for volume, things that “lift the roots for volume” can provide immediate results, but if thinning hair and fall out is the problem then it’s only a matter of time before things get worse. 

Natural skin care vs holistic skin care

Natural skin care regimens are usually a series of topical applications. Exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing. All are important to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oils that build up. The drawback is the majority of these natural skin care products are oftentimes not addressing the root cause of skin conditions like hormonal imbalance, food allergies, or general inflammation in the body.

Imagine exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing on the inside and having it reflect on the outside. Can it be done? It sure can! Absorbing all the right nutrients from whole foods and drinking lots of water can help keep your organs from developing a build-up of their own, only this kind of buildup doesn’t just cause you visibly age faster, it actually increases your risk of illness and disease.

Along with cleaning up your diet, a holistic solution for beauty that starts on the inside would be a Protease Enzyme. These enzymes are powerful healing enzymes that break down built up waste, eat away at intestinal plaque, and disarm toxins before they can do any damage. A good Protease Enzyme supplement is like a cleanse on the inside that will reflect on the outside! Many people have experienced improved skin texture, reduced blemishes, and less fine lines and wrinkles after using a Protease Enzyme blend like this one. 

Beautiful skin starts on the inside! Not only does a Protease Enzyme supplement eat away at dead cells and waste build up, it helps to replenish your enzyme levels so that you are getting more nutrients out of the foods you eat. Along with a healthy diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, you will see a transformation in your skin. This does not take the place of exfoliating and cleansing your skin on the outside, but it may just be what your body needs to take your beauty routine to the next level.


If there was only one beauty product I could recommend, it would be a good Protease Enzyme. These enzymes fight inflammation and clean up dead cell debris which is believed to be the root cause of premature aging. Remember, when it comes to holistic beauty care addressing the root cause will give you the best results, every time.

As more companies claim to use ‘natural’ ingredients, it’s important to be able to spot the ones that you can trust. Opt for products that are purely plant based and free of unnecessary additives. This is the easiest way to ensure you are using products that will only benefit your health. 

That’s why Renu Herbs products are beyond natural. We use organic plant-based ingredients that feed your body on the inside, so you can radiate health on the outside.

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