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Protease Enzyme Blend
Protease Enzyme Blend

Protease Enzyme Blend

The Protease Enzyme blend contains Proteolytic Enzymes that systematically supports every bodily function. These enzymes take a holistic approach to total body wellness by promoting health at a cellular level. While regular enzyme formulas only support digestion, these healing enzymes can improve your overall health.

120 Capsules


or 4 installments of $17.24 USD by More info

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* Individual results can and will vary. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who use Renu Herbs products.



Proteolytic enzymes, like those in the Protease Enzyme blend, are systemic enzymes that support nearly every function of the human body. That’s quite a leap from the typical digestive enzyme formulas…  Protease keeps your blood moving by cleaning up congested blood cells, which can stick together in clumps. 

It's true, as we age our bodies produce fewer enzymes which can impair our digestion. When taken between meals to work in the blood system, protease enzymes remove excessive proteins from our system and these can be the sickly old cells causing us to look and feel old.

But, it’s important to know that enzymes are responsible for so much more than just metabolizing food. Processes like regulating the immune system, healthy inflammation response, and dead cell removal all require enzymes for optimal health. 

Without enough enzymes, you can develop conditions like:

  • Cysts and Fibroids
  • Hiatal hernia
  • Constipation
  • Arthritis
  • Premature aging 
  • Dysthymia (constant mild depression)
  • High blood pressure 
  • Diabetes
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Infections 
  • Cancer
  • Low energy levels
  • Swollen and Inflamed Gums
  • Psoriasis
  • Blemished skin
  • Eczema
  • Poor circulation
  • Muscle wasting
  • Swollen prostate
  • Low Immune System
  • Inflammation 


The Protease Enzyme Blend helps to clear out the dead cells and digest unhealthy cells to prevent them from repopulating. Even if you aren’t suffering from any of these conditions, using proteolytic enzymes can protect your health and wellbeing by lessening the risk of developing illnesses in the future. 

When unhealthy cells duplicate faster than the body can break them down, a chronic health crisis can develop. Proteolytic enzymes, like the ones in Renu Herbs’ Protease Enzyme Blend, clean up all the loose ends by attacking unhealthy cells and cleaning up the dead cells that the “garbage men” may have left behind. This is why this blend of enzymes the “Pac–Man.” They help to slow the process of aging as well as the development of diseases like heart disease by cleaning out the digestive tract. 

Premature Aging 
Did you know that lack of systemic enzymes speeds up the aging process? Get ready to restore your health and reverse visible signs of aging. Visible aging is more than skin deep. Just like dead skin cells lead to visible signs of aging, the buildup on organ tissue can take years off your life. Dead cells get cleared out by our body’s natural cell-recycling system, but as we age, they have a harder time being removed. This is what can cause inflammation and disease. Taking the Protease Enzyme Blend can definitely kill all the sickly old cells in your body and will surely turn back the aging process and restore a more youthful you!

The biggest positive impression on the aging process is the supplementation of supplemental systemic Protease digestive enzymes as they aid in balancing inflammation and proper circulation of our blood. Free radicals kill the cells and cause premature aging. Protease is the major enzyme that creates glutathione in the cells and fights against aging!

Weight Loss
A backed-up system can definitely become a breeding ground for sickness and disease. Being backed-up can definitely make it impossible to lose weight as well. This Protease Enzyme Blend goes in and gathers toxic residue that accumulates in your digestive tract and helps alleviate the toxins that are causing weight gain and a protruding stomach. By taking proteolytic enzymes, you will feel yourself losing weight naturally, as your movements are ridding those bad toxins. 

Heart Health 
Heart health is dependent on healthy blood flow, but conditions like high blood pressure and blood clots present in deep vein thrombosis can put your heart at risk. When the body or artery is under attack, thrombocytes rush to the trouble spot and form clumps. This creates a blood flow problem. The protease enzymes can relax inflamed veins, help cleanse the blood of fibrin to prevent clotting, and prevent or address DVT by improving circulation. With these prime risk factors tackled, your heart will be in better working condition so you can increase your exercises, experience more energy, and have youthful health at any age. 

Joint Support 
The anti-inflammatory effects of the Protease Enzyme Blend benefit more than heart health, it is also able to support joints in multiple ways. Any issue where there are bone spurs from past injuries can cause pain. The excess bone is usually caused by an abnormal healing process. Protease enzymes can help dissolve the excess bone while inhibiting inflammation for more mobility and pain-free joints. Inflammation is the root of many ailments including arthritis, but the Protease Enzyme Blend reduces whole-body inflammation including swelling in joints.

Leaky Gut
Could Inflammation, food sensitivities, brain fog, and joint pain all stem from an unhealthy gut? Unfortunately, yes! Causes or complications of leaky gut can include:
Unexpected weight gain
Yeast overgrowth
Body Odor
Bloating and gas
Other digestive complications 
Frequent infections

However, the Protease Enzyme Blend not only improves the digestive difficulties of leaky gut, but it can speed up healing to seal the gut lining and prevent further damage. Proteolytic enzymes remarkably address every single cause and symptom that can develop from a leaky gut, all at once. So, your body can heal quickly and get back to functioning optimally.

Whether they’re the result of leaky gut or an issue all on their own, frequent infections or the inability to fight infections, is a sign your body needs assistance. Many infections including yeast, are made up of cells that have a protected biofilm barrier. This barrier makes it hard for your body’s natural antibodies to reach the infection and fight it off efficiently. With the help of the Protease Enzyme Blend, the outer barrier of these cells is dissolved, and your immune system can more easily fight off the infections, once and for all


For the first week, you should start with 1 capsule in the morning and 2 capsules before bed. 

In the second week, you will up your dosage to 2 in the morning and continue with 2 capsules at bedtime. 

It’s important to take the Protease Enzyme Blend before bed as it works while you sleep. This way, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, clear-minded, and not bloated! 


We are what we digest… which is why taking this enzyme blend is crucial. You will benefit from the proteolytic enzymes in our Protease Enzyme Blend because they assist in the breakdown of foods and improve your nutrient absorption. The miraculous action of the Protease Enzyme Blend can prevent or address numerous health conditions. From acute infections to chronic conditions like cancer, a high-quality multi-enzyme like the Protease Enzyme Blend can do wonders for your health, in more ways than one!

  • Assists in the breakdown of foods
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Prevents gas and bloating 
  • Promotes healthy-looking skin
  • Restore energy
  • Manages yeast in the gut
  • Restores aging skin
  • Breaks down blood clots
  • Dissolves fibroids and inflammation
  • Promotes healthy gut microbiota 
  • Prevents the feeling of heaviness after meals
  • Improves stool consistency 
  • Promotes regularity
  • Increases energy production from foods 
  • Supports a healthy liver 

05. FAQ

Can I take both Rescue Now and Protease Enzymes? Secondly, how would I take them together?

Yes, the Rescue Now helps with pain and the Protease gets to the root of the pain which is inflammation. We recommend taking 2 Protease Enzymes each morning and 3 Rescue Now’s in the morning. In the evening, you can take 2 Protease Enzymes and 3 Rescue Now capsules. Once pain is subsided, you can reduce to 2 Rescue Now capsules each morning and continue with 2 Protease Enzymes in the morning and 2 before bedtime. The 2 combined is a game-changer!

Will this help improve my skin?

Yes, it will help your skin look healthier, younger, and glowing.

Will this help dissolve protein lining on cancer cells?

Yes, there have been studies to show this action.

Are there any side effects using this blend?

If you notice any stomach discomfort, then decrease the dosage to 1 capsule twice a day then increase slowly.

Will this help me to go to the bathroom?

Yes, many report a nice natural elimination.




"My best kept anti-aging secret!"

These enzymes have helped my dry patchy skin. I started taking them for digestion and was pleasantly surprised how good my skin looks! My husband asked what have I did because my skin looks younger!! This is my secret. I am a customer for LIFE! Thanks Robin

– Rita G

“This product is amazing.”

It helps get rid of gas and bloating for people who have problems with digesting oats and many other hard to digest proteins in grains. I am buying my 2nd bottle today...

… Update: I am buying my 3rd bottle, I take one with each meal... it is also effective for my gluten sensitivity, but I need to take 2-3 for gluten. It also reduces my allergies which makes sense because a lot of my allergies are because I could not digest grains well.

– Heather N.

“Boy, what a movement!”


— Kelly R.

“Best illness kicker!!”

— Sonya B.

“These protease enzymes work wonderfully for me. No infections since I started them. Customer for life!”

— Samantha B

“I had an itchy rash from allergies that my body was not able to break down. After a few weeks, the rash was gone. Wow!”

— Katherine W.

"The Drop Slim Plus and Protease Enzymes are Everything!"

Hi Robin, I had to let you know that I love taking your products. The Drop Slim Plus is amazing, it kills my hunger cravings for hours and hours. I have a lot of energy and I'm more focused. I used to eat sweets on occasion and now I don't even crave anything sweet. 

I also take the Protease Enzyme Blend, once I started taking this product, I realized I will never want to go without it. I have more frequent bowel movements with ease and I've even noticed my stomach and sides have gotten smaller. I also used to have problem skin, but since taking the Protease Enzyme Blend my face has cleared up and it's smooth, clear, and bright! Forget the dermatologist, I got results quick with these!

– Shelly

"I don't experience any digestive issues."

Just recently, I began using the Protease Enzymes. They are absolutely remarkable. I take one in

the morning and I feel my body breaking down the food in my stomach more easily. I feel less bloated and I don’t experience any digestive issues.

Throughout the years, I’ve been using the Detox Trio, Silica, Rescue Now, Protease Enzymes and the Hair Vitamins (long ago).

I thank GOD for you and your dedication to making sure your clients and customers have the very best supplements. I’ve referred many friends and family members to Renu Herbs over the years. Both my grandmother and my mother love your products too.

"Protease Enzymes helped with pain from neck surgery."

Robin, I want you to know that I had to have neck surgery for the second time and was always hesitant because of the pain that would last for months. Well, I heard about your Renu Protease Enzymes and started taking them a month before surgery and continued up until the morning of. Do you know that my pain wasn't nearly as bad as it had been before??!!! I could not believe it nor could my surgeon. I still continue to take it morning and each night! I love this product and will not run out!

P.S. I have even noticed a difference in my face. The wrinkles are less and no one can believe my age.

– C. Ross

"I feel so much better and I can tell I’m losing weight in my mid-section."

My skin is prone to breakouts, but I’ve noticed my face has cleared up and looks pretty since taking the Protease Enzymes and Robin’s SpecialTEA. My bowel movements have even improved and I’m going about 4 times a day! 

– Lisa

Renu Herbs Guarantee
Renu Herbs Guarantee

I want to help you achieve the results you want and deserve. That's why, at Renu Herbs, I give a no-questions-asked, 100 percent money-back guarantee. I want you to try our Renu Herbs products. If you are not completely satisfied with your results, you can return the unused portion and you will receive a full refund of your purchase price. No strings attached!

Protease Enzyme Blend

The Protease Enzyme blend contains Proteolytic Enzymes that systematically supports every bodily function. These enzymes take a holistic approach to total body wellness by promoting health at a cellular level. While regular enzyme formulas only support digestion, these healing enzymes can improve your overall health.

120 Capsules


or 4 installments of $17.24 USD by More info

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* Individual results can and will vary. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who use Renu Herbs products.